Daewon's environmental policy is focused on protecting the environment.

Daewon is a leading company in the design and manufacture of injection molding parts for semiconductor industries. Daewon's environmental policy focuses on environmental protection. We pledge to comply with the environmental laws and ordinances of the state and local governments and other internal and external requirements, minimize the generation of waste and pollution, and continuously improve the environmental management system. Therefore, we are committed to efficient organization, non-hazardous substance processes, and resources to reduce the potential environmental impacts associated with Daewon's activities, non-hazardous substances products and services, and to provide a healthy and safe environment to all stakeholders including all employees, customers and suppliers It is managed and operated. Daewon pledges to effectively implement and operate the ISO14001 environmental management system to improve environmental performance. Our main goal is
     Prevent water and air pollution,
     Reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and packaging materials,
     Improve energy efficiency
     We pursue environmental accident-free.
     Limit or reduce the use of hazardous substances from products and processes.
This policy is provided to all stakeholders interested in the performance of our environmental management system.

2015. 01. 02
CEO Stephen Won

We provide this policy to all customers and suppliers who are interested in enhancing sustainability performance and
their environmental management system.

| Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Daewon is well aware of global climate change issue due to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). We are actively engaged in research and case studies for reducing greenhouse gasses, and we have set our goals for reducing greenhouse gasses according to GHG protocol.
| Hazardous Substances Management

Hazardous Substances Management
Daewon avoids the use of hazardous substances in our processes and our final products do not contain hazardous substances.
All of our products are compliant with environmental regulations such as EU RoHS and EU REACH and Halogen Free.
All incoming raw materials and products are tested by government-approved 3rd party testing laboratories for hazardous substances.
Analysis reports are available upon request.
Supply Chain Management
Daewon's suppliers and partners recognize for their use of environmentally safe raw materials. Our raw materials are thoroughly inspected for hazardous substances before approval for use. Material safety data sheets and test reports on our raw materials are available and registered in the approved material list.
| Green Product

Resource conservation
Daewon is seeking to reduce the use of raw materials by designing products with reduced weight and volume.
Our products generally can be reused or recycled, and we strive for them to be environmentally friendly.
Daewon's products are often made by using reusable and recyclable ingredients, so we can make our products to be eco-friendly.
Green Design(Eco-design)
Daewon minimizes environmental impact on products by closely monitoring the lifecycle of the product from purchasing materials, design, manufacturing, storage, packaging, delivery, use, reuse to disposal.
| Certification

Daewon operates an ISO 14001 environmental management system.
Daewon voluntarily participated in Sony's Green partner program and Samsung's Eco-partner program and established a management system for the environmental impacts of materials. The results of our operations have been certified by both Sony and Samsung.

Our company puts the safety and health of workers first, aims to become a leading trusted company that develops together with the local community, and declares the safety and health policy as follows.

1. Continuous improvement of safety and health performance through the establishment of a systematic management system We prevent injuries and health disorders, improve continuously management performance by systematically establishing and implementing a safety and health management system including providing safe and healthy working conditions.

2. Proactive prevention activities through periodic risk assessment We prevent safety and health accidents in advance by carrying out activities to remove risk factors and reduce safety and health risks through periodic risk assessment.

3. Compliance with laws and other requirements We establish internal management standards and faithfully comply with it to comply with safety and health laws and other requirements we agreed.

4. Maximization of safety and health performance through transparent management in which workers participate and consult together

We held the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, in which workers participate together, at least once a quarter to maximize safety and health performance through sharing and consultation of safety and health information.

2020. 10. 06
CEO Stephen Won

| Vision & Strategy

We will take an active part in company's H&S system and carry out each own role and responsibility
To prevent occupational injury, inspect safety test and taken undergo safety certification from qualified organization.
Company should provide suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for each process and work area.
Employee should ware PPE when required.
To find potential risk at whole around of facilities, we should carry out regularly Risk Assessment (RA)
Management level should periodic review to establish systemic approach.
To prevent to getting disease and risk, Employee must immediately tell any H&S concern to manager
Company should provide H&S training, suitable H&S guideline to employee who joins the company and work in process.
Daewon promotes management to adopt and comply with the RBA.

The Responsible Business Alliance is the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains.

Founded in 2004 by a group of leading electronics companies, the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), is a nonprofit comprised of electronics, retail, auto and toy companies committed to supporting the rights and well-being of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global supply chain. RBA members commit and are held accountable to a common Code of Conduct and utilize a range of RBA training and assessment tools to support continual improvement in the social, environmental and ethical responsibility of their supply chains. Daewon conducted an RBA self evaluation and was rated in the low risk group for RBA compliance.

Social Responsibility

Daewon contributes
to building a healthy society.
Since 1998, Daewon employees have voluntarily participated in community services such as supporting low income elders during national traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. In addition, each month, 90 percent of employees participate in donating tuition support and living expenses for children head of household.

Global Operations

Daewon promotes
Fair and free competition.
In this era of global competition, Daewon promotes fair and free competition and rejects unethical behavior such as corruption, bribery, racketeering, tax evasion, and abuse of superior position. Accordingly, Daewon established a set of guidelines to combat and prevent fair trade violations.

Policy on Conflic Material Free
As a responsible leader of the semiconductor packing industry, in our supply chain, we declare that not use or purchase any conflict matrirals from being sourced from
Democratic of Congo (DRC) conflict areas.

DAEWONSPIC assures that our products never contain conflict materials or metals in the components ranging from Gold(Au), Tantalum(Ta), Tungsten(W), Tin(Sn) and
Cobalt(Co) are in accordance with the DRC Conflict-free to ensure rights of customer and fullfil our social responsibility.
| To ensure our policy, we perform procedure as below

1. Survey of all Supplier chain By CMRT of EICC
2. Receipt guarantee letter
3. On-site Survey
Global Management

Global Operations / Global management is essential. In this rapidly changing global environment, effective global management is essential in order to achieve continuous growth and stability. Establishment of overseas branches, partnerships with our affiliates, and relations with foreign companies play a significant role in our global business strategy. Daewon's global perspective is to attract talented employees, procure raw materials and manufacture at each location to reduce cost and deliver customer value. Daewon maximizes total values for the customers with its global strategy.